Gary Hennessy
Hennessy Property Group

We have engaged Christine from QuoteConvert to schedule regular follow up of people whose properties we have appraised. Feedback has been positive and has resulted in us listing a $1,000,000 property in Onkaparinga Hills. Would highly recommend their service.

Tree Ninja

Good to hear the job is still open, that we haven’t just lost it. From the looks I can see how your scheduled check-ins would re-spark interest in quotes, or help to move things along, or perhaps give the quote provider a better insight into other provider’s quotes and values, which could mean the advantage…

Nathen Rocca

Don’t let your quotes fall by the wayside. Christine is the queen of follow up and will help turn your quotes into income. Get in touch with Christine if you want to increase your conversion rate. The money is in the follow up!

Adrian Fadini

The Queen of follow up, oh my goodness what an amazing service, consistent, professional! Christine is awesome and I highly recommend her services.

Doug Phillips
Hallmark Commercial

Christine’s service is of great value to our business, and her professionalism when dealing with our clients helps us to maintain our good image and reputation.