QuoteConvert’s steps to success

Following up your quotes is a way to show your potential client that they are important to you, that you care about the job they need done and that you care about them.

It reinforces with them that you want the work. It also shows that you are efficient and professional which helps to build trust. When your client is contacted by a person following up the quote who ‘stays with it’ for the long haul, no matter how long that may be, the potential customer will be impressed with the tenacity of the business.

But what about after-sales service? Do you follow up on that?

When you do this, firstly and perhaps most importantly, you get to make sure the customer is happy with every aspect of the service. If they are not satisfied, you get to solve the problem immediately before they tell ‘the world’ about it.

Secondly, satisfied or not, they will know that you care and that you live up to the high standards you promised in your quote – that it wasn’t just a sales line.

Thirdly, they will see the integrity of your warranty or guarantee.

Fourthly, satisfied customers will recommend you! Getting real reviews on Google Review and Facebook are like gold. So let’s make sure we get them!

Lastly, they will most likely use you again (customer loyalty), and/or tell their family and friends to use you as well.

Word of mouth referrals are not just gold, they are platinum!

Sales Transformation Package

QuoteConvert will work with you to develop effective sales and customer experience systems to increase and support effective business growth. We achieve this by having you accompany us on the sales transformation roadmap shown below.

  • Evaluation of current system from incoming lead to sale

  • Identify the gaps in current systems and develop/create updated/streamlined course of action

  • Provide Solutions & Recommendations

  • Implement the recommended course of action

  • Task the new course of action. Measure the results

  • Review and discuss the results and implement the necessary changes

  • Document and present new written procedure

QuoteConvert’s proven sales systems can increase your conversion rates by 10-20%

Converting Quotes into sales

Discover the steps we take to nurture warm leads and transform them into sales.

1. Engage warm leads

Struggling to find the time to provide the excellent customer experience your client deserves? We can join your team and do that for you. This will improve customer interactions and increase your appointments, enabling you to work your quoting magic while impressing potential customers with your dedication to meeting their needs.

2. Quote Follow-ups

Build rapport, discover objections and increase sales through telephone conversations with clients to whom you have issued quotes. We will encourage your clients to convert using our proven sales systems built on honesty and integrity.

3. After Sales Follow-up

Maintain accountability with your staff and contractors by engaging your client in a conversation after the job is complete. This ensures that your customer is happy with the experience and provides the opportunity to address any dissatisfaction. We can encourage satisfied customers to share their experience by providing positive reviews.

4. Slow paying clients follow-up (not debt collection)

Build strong relationships with clients who have not paid on time. Check the status of their business and discover sooner rather than later if they are in trouble. We can encourage payment arrangements to assist the client and maintain your cash flow.

5. Nurture calls

It is more cost-effective to keep a customer than to get a new one. So let us care for your current clients by building the relationship they have with your business. We can identify word of mouth referrals for more work and where appropriate, identify opportunities to up-sell.

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